Sunday, July 31, 2011

Before and after photo - Anna (me)

Created this dewy look for summer for our Sultry summer eyes trio.  Love love love the coverage from our mineral foundation!

So this is me, the top photos were taken about two weeks ago, but as you can see I have bad acne and deep red scarring on my cheeks.  I'm so happy to get the coverage out of  these minerals, I hope they will help you as well, thanks for looking!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Coming soon, new eyeshadows, and 10g jars, and an update on my skincare.

After months on end of offering only samples, I've finally put in an order and our 10g jars should be here next week!  Sample jars of our shadows, blur, and foundations will still be 2.50, while our 10g jars will be as follows:

10g jar eyeshadow..................5.00
10g jar blur primer/ finisher......5.00
10g jar foundation...................5.00

Foundations will be reformulated over the next few weeks to contain silk powder and allantoin.  These two ingredients are both very beneficial to the skin, and I just had to have them in my foundation base!  Silk powder contains 18 amino acids which can absorb into the skin, it reflects light to give a flawless face look, it absorbs oil, so it works well with oily skin, and it can also self adjust moisture, pulling or absorbing moisture when needed.  Allantoin is a skin protectant, is very soothing to cuts, sunburn, etc, and can stimulate new cell growth.  The more research you do on these two ingredients, the more you will fall in love as I did!

Now onto my skincare.  So a few months back I was testing out the oil cleansing method for my acne prone skin, and it did not go well at all.  It ended up making my cystic acne worse, so I had to find another solution for my acne once again.  I found a site called, which is like one of the first websites when you google acne.  I have been following this regimen for going on three months now, and my skin has improved about 90%, while the other 10% left are old acne scars, which are slowly, slowly lightening, and I now only get two active pimples a month, and no more, I repeat, no more cystic types or large lumps have come up!  I will post before and after photos soon (the before and after show a huge improvement) and do a long post on the whole three month process.  The only other thing I did to help my skin was stop using my liquid and cream foundations and use only mineral makeup.