Thursday, December 1, 2011

Review: Maybelline Fit Me foundation

So I've been bad and took a little not intended break from my blog! So I've made a lot of new Cm Minerals products that I need to post but I want to take the time to do some reviews of store purchases I've made as well. I was really excited to try Maybelline's new Fit Me liquid foundation, have been wearing it for two weeks, but I am still on the fence and don't think I will be repurchasing this, and here are some of my thoughts.

Maybelline claims Fit me will:

Give natural coverage with no oils or waxes to clog skin, leaving skin natural and able to breathe. The Lightweight base allows skins natural highs and lows to show through, and makeup is best applied with finger tips.

Shades: I found my correct shade the first try, and I was excited on how light the lightest colors are! Im so pale and this is the first foundation that did not leave a line in between my face and neck, I mean, it actually matches me! So if your pale and need a light to medium coverage, this is a great place to start. The colors appear to be paired up for each lightness, giving a neutral for that color and a cool. So the first color is neutral, the second color more cool. For example, 110 is neutral, very pale, and 115 is also pale but more pink. So the next color 115, would be the next shade down, and 120 will be the next shade down but more cool in color. Hope that makes sense!

Coverage and formula: The formula is a bit moisturizing, so I can only wear this in the cold months when my skin is drier. (I have combo skin) That being said, it melts off my face by lunch time, and I still have to wear my mineral powder over it and retouch on my lunch break. I really like the medium coverage, but if you have spots you will need to use a concealer. If your looking to cover alot I would skip this foundation. I usually apply this just as a base for my mineral makeup, since it is meant to be a light to medium coverage foundation. Like Maybelline claims, it will let your natural skin show through. The formula is nice tho and blends is soo well. I've used both brush application and just my fingers and both work well.

Who this will work for: Anyone needing moisture in their foundation, or anyone needing light to medium coverage. Also pale skin tones that can't find a match will love the color selection, and anyone with sensitive skin or acne prone skin may benefit from the light formula.

Who this won't work for: So this foundation won't work for any one needing full coverage, combo or oily skin types may find that there is no lasting power, but over all, I do recommend it because of the non clogging ingredients and the color selection. I really don't see this as a foundation, I think of it more as a tinted moisturizer. For less than $6 this is worth a shot, but do to the poor lasting quality I don't think I will be purchasing this again.

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