Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Item, Mineral Foundation, 10g jars


Expect your mineral foundation to give coverage like a liquid? Perfecting Coverage gives you medium to full coverage, never looking powdery, but giving you a healthy, inner glow. Customize your coverage by applying wet or dry. No need to buy a separate concealer, spot apply wet for trouble spots that need a little extra coverage.

Silk powder contains 18 amino acids which can absorb into the skin, it reflects light to give a flawless face look, it absorbs oil, so it works well with oily skin, and it can also self adjust moisture, pulling or absorbing moisture when needed. Allantoin is a skin protectant, is very soothing to cuts, sunburn, etc, and can stimulate new cell growth. The more research you do on these two ingredients, the more you will fall in love as I did!

You will receive our foundation in our signature shiny black sifter jars in the 10g size. Swatches are applied wet over blur primer/ finisher.

Fair: for the lightest skin tones, which tend to burn, and more often have peachy/ pink undertones

Light: Slightly darker and more neutral tones than fair.

Creamy Beige: for those who fall inbetween light and medium, and find most foundations orange, our creamy beige has more neutral undertones.

Medium Olive: For hard to match medium tones who find makeup to be too orange, we have added a touch of olive tones to this blend to match neutral and olive ladies.

Tan: For medium tan skin with warm/ honey undertones.

Almond: For tan/ darker skintones with balanced undertones, not too warm, not too cool. Can also be used as a contour color for most skintones

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