Saturday, August 20, 2011

Review Time! Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream Clinique Moisture Surge Dupe

So I have been desperately been looking everywhere for a dupe of my fav Clinique moisturizer, when a wonderful person on suggested I try Garnier's Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream. I's so much more affordable. I got mine at my local Walmart for under $7, and not only that, I actually love the stuff! It works so well for me, as I have combo skin, more oily skin in the summer time and dry in the winter.

It's a light gel formula, I don't really know why they call it a gel cream? because its a gel. First of, the product has a light scent, very pleasant, and fades fairly quickly. The gel feels cool on the skin, and sinks in quite nicely, and like the Moisture Surge, it gives a silky feel to the skin, almost like a super light makeup primer! The refreshing feeling it gives feels so good in the mornings, like a mini pick me up. The packaging is very nice, its in a glass jar, it's clear tho so you may want to store it in a dark makeup cabinet to help preserve the antioxidants and such.

Garnier claims this product 'instantly penetrates', which I really think it does, sinks into my skin in about a minute, and I apply my makeup after about 5 mins, so its helps make my mornings go faster. It also says it is 'oil free' and 'blocks out dryness' Which I also think it really does balance out my combo/ oily skin, not giving too much moisture. Instead of oils it contains 'antioxidant fruit water extract' and I love the refreshing feel it gives, not oily or greasy at all!! I don't know how much moisture this actually has for dryer skin, so I will have to try it out in the winter, because I have combo skin and have to switch up moisturizers all the time! It also claimes to 'lock in moisture' and I do have to say I haven't gotten dry patches on my combo skin at all, so I'm really hoping to be able to use this in the cooler weather as well.

So if you love light moisturizers, have oily or combo skin, or just need light moisture in the warmer months, I say give this a go! What do you have to lose for under 10 bucks, its a great price for a drugstore product it really delivers, and I have to say I'm sold, and so glad I don't have to pay so much for Moisture Surge anymore!

I know I haven't posted a new eye look in a while, so I will get that going tomorrow for you guys!

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  1. hey. did you ever try this in winter?? did it work? thanks!