Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Garden of Wisdom Majik coconut Revival Cream review

I have become obsessed lately with reading ingredients on everything I buy, especially skincare.  I first heard about Garden of Wisdom on MakeupAlley and I'm so glad.  Their products use the best ingredients, and every product has a description of what the ingredients do.  My favorite so far is the majik coconut revival cream.  It's a thick cream and smells sweet and marshmallow-y, which I love.
The product claims to be healing and acne fighting, and good for all skin types.  First lets start off with the packaging.  I've only ordered the sample size, which comes in a jar with a screw on lid.  I slightly don't like sticking my fingers into the jar to get the product, because it is just a little messy that way, and gets under my fingernails.  But this aside, the product is amazing, and secondly, its affordable.
The sample size jar is $5.25 and you get a whopping 2.5 oz for $21.90.  My sample size lasted for about a month and a half so a big jar would last forever!  For me it wasn't good as an all over moisturizer, not that it was too heavy but it actually didn't seem as effective on blemishes when I used it all over my face.  But when I used this as a spot treatment over my usual moisturizer at night, I did find my blemishes were more calmed, and healed faster.  For how thick the cream is, it actually sinks into skin very well with no greasy feel, and I think for those with really dry, irritated skin, or those who's skin is more dry during winter, would love this as an all over moisturizer.  Garden of wisdom's products are very concentrated, and the same goes for this product.  The first three ingredients are coconut water, coconut milk, and coconut cream.
Coconut is soothing, healing, antibacterial, AND hydrating, not like other acne ingredients that are drying, and can make skin worse instead of better.  I've even used this product on my severe dry lips and it sooths so well, but it doesn't taste so great so I only use it at night.  Coconut oil brings temporary pain relief, and I think thats why this feels so good and soothing on blemishes or on my chapped lips.  So I give this a 4 out of 5, taking away only 1 pt because it took me awhile to get the hang of the product and whether it worked better all over or just as a spot treatment.  I would order this again, and I will definately be buying the full size.

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