Sunday, March 20, 2011

New eyeshadow, foundation, and mineral primer/ finishing veil

Finally getting around to putting up our new products.  This is just the beginning and plenty more to come, as we are getting ready for two craft shows this summer, one in may and the other in june.  So here are all our swatches, first up, the foundation:

 pictured from left to right fairly light, light, light medium, light medium warm, and medium
  and here are the swatches, medium, light medium warm, light medium, light, and fairly light.

from left to right light medium, light, and fair.  All swatches were applied over Blur primer.

The second photo is a close up of the first three, as fairly light is almost my arm color.  All colors are neutral and can be for either creamy, neutral, or yellow tones, and I've added extra yellow tones to light medium warm, and just a tiny bit of yellow to medium.

I formulated our foundation base to be smooth, with good adhesion, so you can get light to maximum coverage without it caking up, and to give it even blending properties.  It doubles as a concealer when applied with a damp concealer brush, and can be added to your favorite moisturizer. It contains light refracting minerals to reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores.  This is wonderful on your skin when applied with our blur primer/ finishing veil.


Blur can be used as a primer before any foundation application.  It blurs out fine lines and pores and makes your skin silky smooth, due to the light refracting minerals.  As always make sure you properly prep your face by cleansing and moisturizing before any makeup application. ( a post on this at a later date)  Complete your foundation by again using blur on top, it will set your foundation as well as give you a soft focus finish without being too matte.  Blur also contains minerals that will help your skin stay matte.

Mineral foundation is different from others because it melds with the natural oils on your skin, thus giving a more natural finish, good staying power, and low transfer or rub off from your skin.

Here are the eyeshadow available so far:

Color and Size

All the colors are pretty opaque with low sheen and shimmer.  I was having trouble with mineral eyeshadows being too sheer and glittery for my taste, and these are just a few colors I have formulated so far.  You can't see it in the photo bout Coco Bean is a pretty coco brown with a purple/ blue sheen to it, which would look great especially for cool skin tones.  Grass hopper is a yellow green, prowl a hunter green with soft blue tones, aquatic is a pretty straight forward aqua, and midnight is a deep blue with a little more shimmer than the other colors.  The shadows are easy to blend and have good adhesion.  They can be applied wet for maximum color coverage or even used as liners.

my beautiful sister is modeling our eyeshadow in Aquatic, and is also wearing blur primer/ finishing powder, and our Perfect coverage foundation in light medium.

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  1. I love the finishing veil as a primer, I put it under the mineral makeup and my complexion was even and bright all day!